2023-09-09 19:30:00
Saturday 9th September 2023 - 7:30pm


Clear Waters Production



23wa, from Aix-en-Provence, is a young French artist who has established himself on the music scene at just 20 years of age. With 4 albums and 1 EP already to his credit, it’s thanks to his opuses “3” and “RORSCHACH” that he has conquered a niche community, but one that is extremely loyal to his universe. In his creations, he tackles deep, personal themes, adding a touch of philosophy that elicits multiple interpretations. Since the start of his career at the age of 14, 23wa has been involved in every aspect of his music, writing, rapping, singing, composing, producing, mixing and mastering all his work. He distinguishes himself through unique, complex and precise productions and sounds, and embodies a rare authenticity and artistic vision all his own. Constantly exploring new musical genres, 23wa is gradually moving away from rap, while incorporating influences unheard of on the French scene. This experimental approach makes him difficult to classify, but has earned him growing international recognition, particularly in Japan. By refusing to conform to any particular audience or pre-established standards, 23wa sets itself apart from the traditional music industry. Its artistic singularity and innovative approach promise to continue captivating fans and music lovers in search of originality and creativity, transporting them on an extraordinary musical journey.