2024-03-03 19:30:00
SUNDAY 3 MARCH 2024 - 19:30


La Boule Noire & Clear Waters Productions




47MEOW is a singer and rapper from Saint-Ouen, France. R’n’B, Rap, Soul, Pop-Rock and even Jazz influences blend together in her music.

Her musical identity is hybrid and coupled with a strong personality, as endearing as it is dangerous.

As a musician (piano, guitar), she takes part in every stage of the construction of her tracks, infusing each of them with her own melodies and identity. Unconcerned with codes, she takes the liberty of exploring different rhythms and styles of the movement or of the moment, and has always refused to confine herself to one register.

Her insolent authenticity is the only constant. What happens on stage is intimate, real and raw. Everyone deserves to see it.

Right now, 47 is working in the shadows on the sound of tomorrow, preparing to unveil a new phase of his wild, generous energy.

#FLR (Fou La Rage)