2024-05-20 19:30:00
MONDAY 20TH MAY 2024 - 7:30PM


La Boule Noire & Super!



When Nashville-based singer-songwriter Mali Velasquez traded her Texas home for the verdant foothills of Tennessee, she did so with a new perspective that reflected her surroundings, culminating in the luxuriously raw edge of her folk-rooted indie rock. With her open, incisive heart, Velasquez stands between reflection and remedy, with melodic unction and lyrical tenderness. Her forthcoming debut album, I’m Green, is an ongoing introspection of the wild animal that is young adulthood, and a renewed awareness that the person we most often ask permission from is ourselves.

“I know you’re delicate / But so am I,” sings Velasquez on “Medicine”, her voice a subtext of her disposition, at once warped and controlled, uncertain but sharper, over a haze of guitars that crash into epiphanic clarity. Like driving around a mountain road to reach the first sunny prospect, Velasquez’s voice starts to hit you: it builds, coils, draws closer, then opens up, the unfiltered expanse startling in its primacy.