2023-11-21 20:00:00

Organisateur : La Boule Noire & Horizon Mu

Tuesday 21th November 2023 - 8:00pm


La Boule Noire & Horizon Musiques



Akira & le Sabbat defies genre definition. A queer whirlwind mixing rap, rock, techno, electro… The six members of this unusual collective are in their twenties with their fists clenched, transforming their rage into a frenzied need for dance, trance and words that slam like cobblestones. What’s more, they’re not talking about concerts, but dates. Will you be there∙es?

Chat Perché, a name that conjures up distant memories of a playground game.

A children’s game in which the only way to stop being chased is to get to the top. Eternal child, Martin Fayt now has a new toy: “soundtracks”, as he calls them. He dances and sings alone in his room, tinkering with his machines and instruments to create the playlist for his own party. A work lost between Pop, Rock and Electro, against a backdrop of nostalgia and adolescence. Composer and multi-instrumentalist Chat Perché is the author of two EPs and a debut album, KMGT, released in 2022. Navigating between the abrupt rhythms of EBM and the padded textures of Shoegaze and Cold Wave, he painted a portrait of a disillusioned youth in search of meaning and freedom. At the age of 22, the former La Grande Party winner is back in the music news with his new project, ‘Flou Nocturne’, 4 tracks that flirt with techno (CJ Bolland, DJ Heartstring) and New Wave/Post Punk (The Cure, Joy Division).

The EP will be released on 3 November 2023.

Sônge (DJ set)

Armed with electronic soul rooted in the present and the future, this singer/songwriter and producer draws on the depths of her subconscious to create carnal, lunar melodies. Sometimes compared to Banks or FKA Twigs, SÔNGE invents a futuristic r’n’b’ with sparkling colours that borrow as much from joy as from gentle melancholy.

Her debut album Flavourite CÂLÂ (2020) is “a veritable odyssey, contemporary and flamboyant”, according to Les Inrockuptibles. It was the result of a meeting with the brilliant Myd from Club Cheval and Nk.F, the legendary sound engineer of French rap (PNL, Niska, Damso, etc.).