2023-10-01 19:30:00
Sunday 1st October 2023 7:30pm


Super ! et la Boule Noire


Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Ari Abdul has forged his own brand of dark alternative pop. Growing up in Brooklyn, music quickly became a second language for Ari Abdul. His Ecuadorian mother loved Latin music, while his Costa Rican and Palestinian father introduced him to classic rock. To complete the picture, her brothers were passionate about hip-hop and metal. At the age of 14, she picked up an electric guitar and began playing grunge songs inspired by Nirvana. But she was too nervous to share her work – let alone her voice – with anyone. She had friends in the choir, but that wasn’t the musical direction she saw herself taking. It wasn’t until LaRosa’s mother encouraged Abdul to create her own music in July 2021 that the spark was lit and she decided to share her voice with the world.

She combines the reverb-heavy sounds of your favorite shoegaze artists such as The Neighborhood and Lana Del Rey. Combining a range of visual and stylistic influences, Ari has cultivated a mysterious side to her artistic endeavors. Earlier this year, she released her debut single “BABYDOLL” followed by the sped-up version “BABYDOLL (Speed).”