2024-02-23 19:30:00


Clear Waters Productions




Bakari parcours’s career path bears witness to this: after experience in a group (Nü Pi) and a first solo EP in 2018 (Kaléidoscope), the young man, soon to be 27, took the time to build his universe through a trilogy “very rooted in asphalt”: Sur écoute, using the visual codes of The Wire. It was about rapping “the despair of a community”, taking on his bad tendencies and putting his city on the rap map, claiming to be a child “of the gray sky, the red bricks and this decor that calls for melancholy.”

Today, Bakari pursues the same ambition with Arcadia, a new EP where the man who “feels like the weird little guy at the back of the class” turns his independence into a strength, a source of pride. “I discovered Albator when I arrived in Belgium, and I’ve always been fascinated by this space corsair who explores the universe alone. Hence the reference to the name of his ship in the title of my project.” This solitude, barely disturbed by the presence of Mademoiselle Lou on “Allo Maman”, Bakari says he has turned it into an asset, convinced that this relationship with life, this withdrawal from the social world and its fake conventions, allows him to control everything, not to corrupt his ideas by entrusting them to others. “It has to be said, too, that humans take up too much of my energy”, he says with a certain air of conviction, without denying the pleasure of occasionally confronting other rap masterminds.