2024-03-22 19:30:00
FRIADAY 22TH MARCH 2024 - 7:30PM





Baptiste Lagrave is one of those artists capable of jumping into the water even when it’s icy cold. When the music begins, Baptiste Lagrave immerses us in an introspection achieved with resilience and meticulousness.

Alone behind the machines, he analyzes and classifies his sensations, the better to accept their paradoxes. In the depths of our abyss, gentleness coexists with the darkest thoughts. It’s impossible to find appeasement without accepting one’s own share of darkness. Baptiste Lagrave draws his contrasting influences from Schubert, François de Roubaix, the electronic sounds of Boards of Canada and Jon Hopkins, and the schools of Warp and Zone.

From the quietude to the brutality of the club, the project, mixed by Cubenx in Berlin’s Apparat studio and mastered by Marie Pieprzownik at Translab, brings us face to face with our rawest feelings.