2024-04-21 19:30:00
SUNDAY 21ST APRIL 2024 - 19:30


La Boule Noire & EBEN Productions



Spearheading the electrapp movement, Bobine offers a unique style, as if Orelsan had asked Slowthai for a feat composed by Roland Cristal. Bobine’s self-deprecating lyrics and explosive tracks ensure a colorful show you’ll want to listen to, watch and experience. A single watchword: “get your best steps ready, it’s gonna bounce!”

Coached for two years by L’Autre Canal in Nancy, he now has proven stage experience (BuzzBooster national final, Nancy Jazz Pulsations, Cabaret Vert). He played his latest EPs “Nos Années Souvenirs” 1 & 2 and is already preparing the next one for 2024.

Bobine has just released his new EP “Nos Années Souvenirs 2” in November 2023. The six tracks are a concentrate of what has made Bobine’s style so crazy: punchy flow, self-assumed derision and fully-charged tracks!

Always on the lookout for new horizons to reach, Bobine dabbles in other themes in his lyrics and no longer hesitates to tell us about the years of memories that built him up. With its blend of tradition and modernity, this EP promises to be one of the most promising yet, guaranteeing even more electric shows.

Support : Tulipe