2023-12-09 20:00:00
Saturday 9th December 2023 - 8:00pm


Live Affair | Première Partie : ELINE




Decimo’s sound is a constant balancing act. Between old-school sounds and contemporary melodies, where vocals and rap mingle without ever colliding. Between the daily life of a young man from the ’78s, and his passion for video games and manga. Between samples of anime soundtracks and notes taken from neo-soul artists.

He doesn’t hold back in any way, and in a music that plays with the boundaries of genres, borrowing for example from the alliance between Rap and RnB typical of the 90s, Decimo mixes infectious good humour with a smiling nature, all of which forms a personality that is as endearing as it is charismatic.

Pending the release of his new mixtape Symphonia vol.3, which will close a trilogy begun a few months ago, catch Decimo on 9 December at the Boule Noire in Paris!