2023-09-06 19:30:00
Wednesday 6th September 2023 - 7:30PM


La Boule Noire et 6AM RECORD




The stars are shining brightly, heralding a new story filled with magical moments and intertwined destinies.

From “Amour, les prémices” to “Hotel Veneza” and “BREAK UP SEASON”, Donguti draws us into her world with enchanting melodies. A world where feelings take center stage, and where the roots of ecstasy intertwine through the simplicity of her words.

Opening act: NAFE

NAFE, both artist and composer, explores the territories of French R&B and alternative music. She launched her career by releasing her first self-produced tracks on Soundcloud back in 2018. Her haunting voice skilfully fuses both classical and modern inspirations, giving birth to a truly singular sound. Equipped with authentic lyrics, refined productions and a captivating stage presence, NAFE stands ready to conquer the emerging French-speaking scene.