2024-04-19 19:30:00
FRIDAY 19TH APRIL 2024 - 7:30PM


La Boule Noire & Untourable



Ele A, also known simply as Ele, was born in 2002 in Lugano, where she was raised. A tightrope walker. Just like a Nokia 3310 transported from the future. In 2022 she starts to release barrage of verses on Instagram and YouTube: freestyle on oldschool or pop bases (from Wiz Khalifa to Walking On A Dream by Empire Of The Sun). 

Her street pop taste actually conceals her love for the rap aesthetic and a pure motto: “everyone uses music for something else, but to me, it’s actually the ultimate goal.” In June 2022, she dropped her inaugural EP, “Zerodue Demo,” a self-produced record exclusively distributed in physical format. In November 2022 she officially hit streaming platforms with her debut single “Mikado,” followed by the EP “Globo,” released in April 2023.

Over these two years, she has graced the stages of more than 40 festivals, from the historic Sziget Festival in Budapest to Milan’s Mi Ami Festival. She also boasts numerous collaborations, including names like Laurent Bardainne, Gue’ Pequeno & DJ Shocca, Villabanks, Diss Gacha & Slings.

Support : AKISSI