2024-05-04 19:30:00
SATURDAY 4TH MAY 2024 - 19:30


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Gemen is a 21-year-old rapper of Romanian origin from Lyon. Trying his hand at freestyles, writing and production as a teenager, he gradually found his way into different styles and sounds of rap, which he has confirmed since the release of his trilogy of EP’s “STELE”, all released in 2022, marking the start of his stay in the capital and his encounter with producers such as Efel, ATRN and Dofla, with whom he still works.

With eclectic influences including artists such as Dave, Headie One, Lil Uzi Vert, Chief Keef and even Josman and Alpha Wann in France, Gemen’s strength lies in his ability to alternate more technical tracks with a certain irony and more introspective ones.

A member of this new generation of rappers, Gemen knows how to make a difference with his pen and his ability to tackle complex productions, as he demonstrated on “DRAGA” in collaboration with Tenma. His connections enable him to invite or be invited to guest on numerous tracks with artists such as Yvnnis, Lyre, Houdi, Edge, Ajna…

After a busy year of releases, with EPs such as “DRAGA” in collaboration with Tenma and “VARA”, as well as appearances on projects such as Rookie Magazine’s “Amplitude Thermique”, Raplume’s “Talents vol.2”, Ucyll&Ryo’s “Cafards” and Ihatemed’s “NMS Deluxe”. To end the year on a high note, he returns alongside the talented TSUKII with “4PEAT”, a colorful 4-track album in which he returns to more academic rap roots, like his peers mentioned above in his influences. The year 2024 is synonymous with a big run for Gemen, starting at the end of January with a series of freestyles in collaboration with beatmaker STU, beginning on January 31.