2024-03-04 20:00:00
Monday 4 March 2024 - 7:30pm





Halfway between pop and the nostalgia of mid-2000s alternative rock, “Inferno” is a five-song album that bears witness to the emotional upheavals that singer-songwriter Linda Battilani has gone through in recent years. “I see ‘Inferno’ as a personal evolution, both as an artist and for my mental health,” she says of the process of creating the album, which she experienced as a liberating, limitless reinvention of herself that broke down barriers. It’s my way of saying ‘never mind’.

Halflives exists to build community, create an outlet for emotions and, in Linda’s own words, “make music for the marginalised, the rejected and those who feel left out”.

Halflives’ music is a collection of sung hymns, an invitation to express personal chaos, a message of unity, a celebration of resilience.

Halflives embark on the ‘Inferno’ tour in February and March 2024, a 13-date headline debut tour across Europe and the UK.


Support : Cadet Carter