2024-05-12 19:30:00
SUNDAY 12TH MAY 2024 - 7:30PM


La Nouvelle Machine



Hoboken Division
Since their debut album released in 2015, laying the foundations for a sound forged bya combination of garage, kraut and delta blues, Hoboken Division has been constantly evolving, bringing the mysticism of Mississippi music closer to the hypnotism of a New York Suicide.

Influenced as much by RL Burnside and the Velvet Underground as by the Kills and the Yeah yeah yeahs, it was with a drum machine that Marie (vocals) and Mathieu (guitar) began touring all over Europe, with their eponymous debut EP released in 2012. This was followed by two 45s (A Night Out in 2013, then Cookies and Milken 2019), and over 250 national and international concerts, always with the same fervor for authenticity and the underground.

With their new album Psycholove, due for release in early 2024, Hoboken show a more psychedelic, kraut-oriented side than their previous releases. Their distinctive sound, combined with the furious, omnipresent fuzz, creates something wild, but also luminous and more open.

No Jazz Quartet
Quartet, 4 musicians – NO Jazz, who play Rock.
Although the 4 protagonists have known each other for ages, until 2018 they had never played together. From their previous formations (ELEKTROLUX, the HOLY CURSE, IRRITONES, KEITH RICHARDS OVERDOSE, MOCKERS…), they retain and share a wealth of stage experience (Europe, USA, Australia, Japan) and a taste for high-energy, unvarnished rock. Their music is a blend of so many influences that it’s hard to imagine it ever being the same.

Having locked themselves away for long sessions at Local 54 in Marseille under the exacting guidance of Jearc, the master of the premises, the NO JAZZ QUARTET is now able to present “You’re gonna leave the building soon”, their first album produced by the historic CLOSER Records label. Rock on!