2023-12-05 20:00:00
Tuesday 5th December 2023 - 8:00pm


La Boule Noire & LOUD!



“It is with deep regret that we have to cancel our upcoming shows in France due to an unforeseen family emergency that keeps us from leaving home this week.
We really hate having to do this. 
Thank you for your understanding and again, we’re very sorry. We’ll be back!

Much love, Iguana Death Cult.”


Dutch band Iguana Death Cult have honed their weapons to perfection, and the proof is in their third album, Echo Palace, which is not to be missed. Straddling the divide between post-punk and no-wave, Iguana Death Cult’s verve is as punchy as ever.

Drawing their inspiration from the last few years of the pandemic and how people’s perceptions have changed as a result, the band take aim at the conspiracy theorists and the incompetent politicians who go along with them. And they don’t beat about the bush: frantic rhythms, chiselled tracks, cleverly honed riffs… Following in the footsteps of Parquet Courts as well as Mush and Viagra Boys, Iguana Death Cult make skilful progress. Their somewhat jazzy, methodical post-punk gives rise to catchy tracks, reminiscent of Gang of Four at times.

The band are never stingy with inspiration, and refine their incisive music a little more with an infectious groove. With Echo Palace, Iguana Death Cult find the perfect equation between sharp music and sarcastic lyrics about a world in perpetual perdition. Groove put to the test of chaos.