2024-01-25 20:00:00
Thursday 25th January 2024 - 8:00pm





Ikto’s music is in motion. It tells the story of a journey through styles and landscapes of all colours, never attached to a pattern or a performance, but rather to the straightforward discovery of an original and immersive world.

Eight musicians join forces to create a single reality: the world of Ikto, composed by Bruno Rougevin-Baville and recreated anew at every opportunity by the octet, founded in 2020.

Their first album, ‘Le Voyage’, is a musical fresco in four acts, designed to help you explore a way of writing, a way of hearing and an artistic project inspired as much by sounds as by images, drawing its inspiration from symphonic music and contemporary music as well as from landscapes and colours, inventing a sensitive, cinematic musical experience through this fusion.

Support : Nelia Sand