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Bleu Citron



LauCarré. Read: L Au Carré. L for Loïc, his first name, and for Lasne, his surname, which he uses Au Carré. Suresnes. Cité Jardin. 24 years old. When he talks about his music, in this case rap, his eyes suddenly light up. And his words fly off the tongue. He’s into it. This mix of flow, beats and loops comes from far away, from his childhood.

Barely a schoolboy at the time, Loïc tried his hand at writing his first lyrics, having first made his mark by covering tracks by his icons of the time: Sexion d’Assaut. He’s sunny, warm and deeply sympathetic, which is absolutely striking when you meet him. A look back at Loïc’s life before the release of his first project.

Hundreds of thousands of Internet users had already discovered his videos where he raps from his bedroom – the impeccable Carrépisode trilogy – where he showed that he was capable of exploring several territories, several forms.

In the middle of his studies, he belonged to the CBR (Cité Briques Rouges), a local group made up entirely of mates. At that age, of course, you don’t think about “making a career in rap”. But Loïc still felt that he had touched on something important, something that could take him far if he put his heart and guts into it.

Graduating with a BTS in 2021, he now lives from his music and has made rap his dream, his daily life. It was in 2020 that he met Bigflo & Oli through their networks, and they decided to sign him to their new label Bonne étoile.

Following this, he accompanied the brothers on a tour of zeniths as their support act, where he played on stage the tracks from his first EP, “Les dés sont jetés”, due for release in October 2020.

This is no longer a dream, but a reality. A crucial new stage. In this first project, he showcases his rap with an eye for detail, and a formidable ability to tell the stories of today, between a wry smile, airy melancholy, burning memories and an uppercut (ego)trip.

The covid arrived, but Loïc didn’t stop. He continues to defend his project on his networks, where his community is growing! At the same time, he was writing and composing from home, ready to release a second project.

After a return to normal, Loïc went on to seminars, studio sessions and concerts, and it was in June 2022 that he felt ready to release his second project, a project he is proud of and can’t wait to defend.

This new EP resembles the LauCarré of 2022, who has evolved and grown over two years in the rap profession, and in an environment where covid has turned his profession upside down. This second EP also reflects the changing issues of his entire generation.

At the end of the year, he will unveil his second EP. And he’ll be delivering it with the same ardour and generosity that define him, that sunny identity that’s always bursting at the seams. His identity. He’ll be singing about life, both his own and that which exists in his head. Truth and fiction. Intimacy and universality. He’s ready, impatient and hungry. Passionate and convinced. LauCarré is back.

After setting the stage on fire at La Maroquinerie with a memorable concert, LauCarré continued his momentum by unveiling a series of singles throughout 2023. But the young rapper then decided to take a break from his musical frenzy to concentrate on writing a new project.

Keen to explore more personal and profound themes, LauCarré wants to offer his listeners an authentic and intimate musical experience. This new project, “Merci la vie pour les douleurs”, due out in summer 2024, will mark a new stage in the rapper’s career, allowing him to assert his artistic voice and reveal more of himself.