2024-05-26 19:30:00
SUNDAY 26TH MAY 2024 - 7:30PM


Artichaut Productions



Leo SVR never stops. The native of Saint Vincent de Reins (60 kilometers from Lyon and
6,000 from Detroit), spotted with Manita and officially flanked by a prodigy’s bib with SVR EFFECT, follows up with Rap Instinctif Apologie, a new collection of 5 racy tracks that can’t be listened to just once.

In a video circulating under the cloak and accompanying the EP’s release, we see Leo SVR as captain, in the midst of a team of beatmaker-dribblers (Seak, Badème, Herman and Pesow, who co-produce all the tracks) switching from computer to piano and guitar with the ease and velocity of Five players, and we hear him casually give the direction that runs through the whole EP: “Faut que ça cavale” (“Let’s get it running”).

In fact, in 12 minutes full of breaks, false leads and easter eggs laid down by the 4 producers, Leo SVR deploys a whole arsenal of flows, glides over the slightest groove, offers himself refrains and welcomes three rhymers who always know what to do with the ball (in order of appearance on the pitch: DEELEE S, Celestino and Beeby.