2024-02-07 20:00:00
Wednesday 7th February 2024 - 8:00pm


Louve Records




Passionate about the art of melody, dance and film from an early age, Louve was lucky enough to enter the Conservatoire at the age of 6, where she spent many years taking classes in music theory, piano and classical dance.

Her first ep “ultra chaos” was released in April 2021. Six tracks with an airy, sensual and magnetic flavour in which she confides in us her ultra emotions.

Her music, for its part, is based on a feline, lascivious tempo that bewitches us, getting our pulse racing under the combined action of refined lyrics and vocal lines that act on us like a blood-beat addiction.

A Swiss Army knife and entirely independent artist, she makes her own videos, composes, writes and builds her own universe and artistic direction.

After accompanying artist Kid Francescoli on his world tour in 2022, Louve is back with her 3 new tracks BRÛLE, CHAVIRE, JE MENS et CHÉRI!

For her new opus, due out in early 2024, Louve draws inspiration from her various relationships and experiences of love, writing a song about each of them, being honest about her own mistakes and insecurities.

Very inspiring.