MALAKA + La Cafetera Roja

2024-12-11 20:00:00

MALAKA + La Cafetera Roja

Green Piste



Malaka – Folk Soul
Malaka is a duo formed by two sisters. Laurina & Sacha found their voice by mixing styles and origins. Their intertwined voices allow them to rhyme complementarity with sisterhood. Soft and rhythmic, adopting raw but nevertheless melodic sounds, their music weaves a link to what is often defined as “organic”. Evoking the sweetness of honey and the scent of spices, their voices are not unlike Coco Rosie. Malaka’s universe is influenced by musical and artistic personalities at the crossroads of very different styles, among which we can cite Laylow, Joy Crooks, Little Simz or Ren.
La Cafetera Roja –  Pop/Rock Hip-Hop
As a live band, La Cafetera Roja express on stage all his colours, miscegenation, and open-mind. Energic, catchy and generous, shows are crossing where meeting between cultures and sounds are played. On stage like in Barcelona streets, musicians involve and surprise their audience. Emotions intermingle on a background of verses tinged with rock / hip-hop.