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Mayra Matte Nunes, singer-songwriter aka MiiRA, was born in 1989 in Florianopolis, an island in the south of Brazil, before quickly moving to France. Cradled by her father’s voice, she discovered the musical landscapes of Milton Nascimento, the loves of Chico Buarque, the vital force of Elis Regina, the tenderness of Cartola… So many artists who built his first home. Later, thanks to her classical and then jazz training at various conservatories, she opened up to new facets of contemporary music.

Miira is the name of a rebirth, the story of a child, a woman exiled from herself, the story of revenge, mourning and awakening. It’s a tale where music is the expression of liberation, where the stage is the place where autofiction and reality meet. Through Miira, Mayra reconnects with her personal history and the two poles of her culture through songs without borders or age, drawing their roots from both sides of the Atlantic: the influences of Brazilian popular music, hip-hop and sacred music intersect.

Surrounded by a Franco-Brazilian artistic team that includes musicians and arrangers Maxime Daoud (Ojard, Meryem Aboulouafa, Malik Djoudi, Forever Pavot) and Maxime Kosinetz (BVO, Enchantée Julia, Papooz, Oracle Sisters…), Brazilian percussionist Kayode Pereira and backing singers Lou Richard and Nelly Lawson, Miira aims to hybridize Brazilian popular music with hip-hop.