2024-07-05 19:30:00
FRIDAY 05 JULY 2024 - 7:30PM


Clear Waters Productions



Author, composer and performer, NAEKO is an anti-pop artist from Strasbourg who is more determined than ever to transcend musical genres. Harmonizing his voice with sound aesthetics borrowed from rock, trap and hyperpop, NAEKO is a sonic explorer who brings a new dimension to the French-language scene.

Fragmenting his deepest emotions to the rhythm of his productions, NAEKO delivers dark lyrics imbued with hope. It’s as if lifting the veil on his darkest thoughts allows him to find a glimmer in the midst of darkness, and transform his uncertainties, fears and torments into fellow travelers.

On stage, NAEKO is accompanied by a DJ, a drummer and a guitarist who share a love of music and are united by a creative consensus. Their on-stage symbiosis creates an electrifying atmosphere, where the drummer’s hypnotic rhythms, the guitarist’s vibrant melodies and the DJ’s haunting sounds blend with NAEKO’s evocative lyrics.