2024-01-21 19:30:00
SUNDAY 21TH JANUARY 2024 - 19:30


La Boule Noire & NEP




After the success of three Nep & Friends parties, DJ Nep set himself a new challenge!

Having worked with a multitude of artists from different horizons, he decided to organize a new event.

This time, however, it wasn’t a party, but a concert!

For this 3.5 edition, DJ Nep invites us for an incredible performance:

  • Jewel Usain, rap’s new rising star. He made a name for himself with his debut EP “Mode Difficile”, with which he toured the length and breadth of France. This was followed by his latest album, “Où les garçons grandissent” (Where the boys grow up), which received rave reviews and is considered by many to be the project of the year 2023.
  • Some people know Houssbad from the first edition of the TV show “Nouvelle École”, but the real ones remember him before that as a solo artist, or with Eddie Hyde. His latest project, “Gate 67”, released in May 2023, was a real treat for listeners.
  • Koss, an emerging rapper with harmonious melodies and a deep voice, is present on the collaborative project from Sevran, a city considered to be the equivalent of Atlanta in France, alongside Kalash Criminel and D.A-Uzi.