2024-06-13 19:30:00
THURDAY 13TH JUNE 2024 - 7:30PM





NERLOV is a UFO in the French pop scene, with a certain quirkiness, a sometimes scathing sense of humor and a disarming fatality. Their live shows, their strong point, have left their mark on several occasions, notably at the Inouïs du PDB 2022, Bars en Trans 2021, MAMA festival 2021, etc…

After two EPs, “Je vous aime tous” released in April 2020 and “Prophéties” in October 2021, he released several singles in 2022 and 2023, including “DPT” featuring Magenta, “À l’aide” and “Quel dommage”. Each track is unanimously received, with a dozen radio stations picking it up, and Spotify, Apple music, Napster and Qobuz featuring it in several flagship playlists: French Indie Pop, Courant Alternatif, Nouveautés Indie France, Discover France…

Nerlov’s debut album is scheduled for release in spring 2024.

Support : TRENTE
TRENTE is the musical project of Hugo Pillard. An acclaimed video artist who has been active musically since 2017, TRENTE, always on the edge, navigates and plays with genres, drawing as much from folk as from sometimes violent electronic music, all creating sounds that are both explosive and gentle.