okis & mani deïz

2024-02-21 19:30:00

okis & mani deïz

386 Laboratoire



A young artist from Lyon, okis is a pure product of his environment. A music lover from the age of 4, he was fascinated by a number of musicians in all the styles that influenced him: jazz, rock and psychedelic folk, as well as gospel and soul. Introduced to French rap by his brothers and sisters, he fell in love with the raw, sincere feathers that characterize hip hop. He discovered A Tribe Called Quest, Oxmo Puccino, Sinik, Diam’s, Sniper and Nessbeal, before immersing himself in the rap of his generation (2010) via L’Entourage, l’Uzine and 75ème Session.

Initially reserved for his school friends, his texts are already taking on their almost final form: a discontinuous flow and complex rhymes packed with precise references to his daily life. Like the Parisian artists he listens to, Okis likes to represent, talk about the streets of Lyon and make his friends and family proud. Encouraged by his entourage, okis released his first EP “OK” in January 2022, followed by “Rappeur de Lyon” in October of the same year.

Having now digested all his influences and honed his finest rhymes, okis will release a 17-track joint album with beatmaker Mani Deïz in autumn 2023. A real achievement for the man who used to write on all the artist’s B-sides.