2023-11-27 20:00:00
Monday 27th November 2023 - 8:00pm


La Boule Noire, Heavenly Sweetness & Vuelta Music



Renowned for its ability to lighten the most stern of faces and loosen the most numb of muscles, tried and tested on stage where it is recognised as a natural propagator of boiling hot vibrations, Pat Kalla and his Super Mojo reveal a new and unsuspected power in Belle Terre.


From diffuse, the warmth first becomes comforting and pleasant, then gradually spreads from body to soul. The African-disco groove is refined and airy. The bass drums are spaced out and it’s the words that come through. These are the words of Pat Kalla, also the voice of Voilàà, storyteller of light or serious stories with a musical and danceable conscience, a mixture of philosophy of life and wisdom. Reflections on the world and human relationships that can be read mainly in subtext and images.


Can we devote ourselves to moments when we think of nothing but being together?

Can’t we dance in the mud and on the coals, even if it doesn’t last long?


Lecturing is not one of the undesirable effects of Super Mojo. On the other hand, its main beneficial effect is to make the outside shine as brightly as the inside. The addiction is deliberate, and Super Mojo is the best musical relaxant when words no longer resonate, leaving organic instruments, vintage keyboards and Afro-Cuban pianos to speak for themselves.

Highlife, mixed rumba, biguine, funk, afrobeat – these are all familiar ingredients, but the proportions and proportions are kept secret, with the addition of essences of vocal flowers harvested on Reunion Island, in the West Indies and in Africa. The complementary harmonies of the Bonbon Vodou duo, the Creole sunshine of Olivia Victorin (Dowdelin), the joyful melancholy of Franco-Congolese Rebecca M’Boungou (Kolinga). All have touched the heart and sensibilities of Pat Kalla, to speak of love, to take us on a dreamlike journey, or to enter into communication with the spirits of the elders.

Produced by Guts, Belle Terre, the 3rd album by Pat Kalla and his Super Mojo, may also cause a few psychedelic disturbances in the most receptive of listeners. If this is the case, then the full potential has been released.

Even the most unexpected.