2023-12-07 20:00:00
Thursday 7th December 2023 - 8:00pm


Allo Floride



Hailing from the well-known Caucriauville district of the port city, Pirate has established himself as a worthy representative of Le Havre rap. Combining efficiency, raw vocals and instinctive writing, he transforms his tracks into veritable “war cries” and knows how to unite his listeners.

His musical inspirations transcend borders, from Central Cee, Russ Million and Tion Wayne to Ninho, Leto and Gazo.

After his high-profile appearance on Grand Paris 2 in 2020, alongside Médine, Koba LaD, Oxmo Puccino and Larry, the man from Le Havre went on to perform a series of solo freestyles, as well as working with SRK and Malty 2BZ.

Last summer, Pirate made a notable appearance on Médine’s “La puissance du Port du Havre”, positioning him as one of the most promising artists of the moment.

In 2023, we find him with the projects KDO 2 and most recently KDO 3, the third in his series of EPs comprising 5 tracks, including an effective introduction divided into 3 distinct parts, as well as a feat with Mougli on the track ‘Bagheera’: an explosive encounter between Le Havre and Le 95.