2023-12-15 19:30:00
Friday 15th December 2023 - 7:30pm


La Boule Noire & Persona Grata | Première Partie : Eat-girls



Pop crimes is music that brings back memories, late at night, when neon lights streak the cloudless sky. It’s a love of idols and pop anthems; of poorly extinguished cigarette butts and foggy tomorrows.
Pop Crimes love sharp guitars and melodies that bring back happy days.
Formed by former members of Young Like Old Men, En Attendant Ana and Blondi’s Salvation, they released their first ep, Debuts, in 2019.
Between 2021 and 2023, they toured as much as they could, opening for bands such as Dignan Porch, Murder Capital, Justin Sullivan -Flatworms and Kevin Morby-, The Homesick, Mourn, Night Beats and many others.
At the same time, they produced an intimate yet astral EP, Up To The Moon, which received rave reviews.
2023 was a busy year, and the band decided to shift into third gear:
March saw the release of their third EP, Don’t Look Back, which, with its distorted guitars and reverberated vocals, ghostly piano and metallic harmonies, was like a tide that ebbed and flowed.
Their debut album, Gathered Together, is due for release in mid-November 2023 on Howlin Banana Records and Safe in The Rain records.
An album is in preparation!


Opening act: eat-girls

eat-girls is a trio who make music in their flat with a cheap drum machine, clumsy synthesizers, a chatty bass and voices that say things.
Nurtured by the sonic experimentation of Broadcast, the cold dub of Anika and the no wave of Lizzy Mercier Descloux, it’s on stage that Elisa, Amélie and Max come into their own.
They opened for Agar-Agar, EXEK, Ilgen-Nur, L.A. Witch, Thalia Zedek and others the previous year, and were on the bill at the 2022 Pop Kultur Festival in Berlin.
An album is in preparation!