2023-09-27 19:30:00
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To this artist of unique style and tone, the world can’t impose itself; he prefers to think it, shape it and direct it. When he wants, where he wants. His allure is the fruit of a profound detachment mixed with rocking tendencies.
A gentleman of fortune, like his Maltese “role model” Corto, Prattseul doesn’t go straight. A crazy aesthete, Malraux on acid Prattseul redefines the human condition by tinting it with surrealism.
This elegant gentleman is an artist, a talented creator of universes, a kind of pop master. His writing is nothing less than the graphic and stylish representation of an ironic and lucid way of thinking. He composes, adapts, sings, films and moves. Between Brett Sinclair’s seventies wiggle and the languorous waltz with the “whisperer”, he shows that his wild crooner persona is at home everywhere, as long as everywhere is home.