Friday, June 18 2021


Promoter: Greenpiste Records

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Founded in Barcelona, in 2008, La Cafetera Roja is multigenerational, multilinguistic, mixed and self-taught Band. An European group playin' self-made music that sounds like a mix between all kinds of genres such as Hip-hop, Pop and Rock.
La Cafetera Roja, it’s a refusal to be labeled, neither rock, nor trip hop, neither reggae, nor chanson, neither jazz, nor latin. Their “mixture” was brewed by time, with a kind of “world sound”
as a guest, and inventing their own language. Today, they are as Hip Hop, World as electro rock. Leaving Barcelona, their Spanish is changing, mixing with French, German and English,
making their own Esperanto. Their sound is exuding the happiness to play together.