Wednesday, October 20 2021


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Sophie de Quay are Sophie and Simon, a duo that perfectly represents the new multi-cultural generation open to the world.

The group spends most of their time on the road. From Switzerland, to Lebanon, Spain, China, Japan, India, Singapore, the francophone countries and the United States. In just 4 years, the duo has given nearly 200 concerts in 15 different countries.  They present an electro pop which, whilst seeking to create bridges between aesthetics, illustrates their affinity with the cultural and geographical sound of music from around the world.

Their forthcoming international debut album “Y”, composed and produced by Simon and Tim (former member of the band), recorded in Paris at Benjamin Constant’s studio and mixed by Lionel Capouillez at Studio Air in Brussels, continues to follow her musical influences: Sophie  sings in English, French and Chinese and probes the soul of "generation Y",  a generation eager to free itself from some of its cumbersome inheritance.