Monday, October 17 2022


Support: Rhodes

Promoter: ALIAS

Doors open: 7:30pm

Start at: 8pm

22.00 €


Dotan currently dominates the European music landscape like hardly any other musician. But his success isn't what makes Dotan exceptional. Dotan is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singer. The musician with Israeli roots first made a name for himself in his Dutch homeland.


After a lightning career he sold the Ziggo Dome, and to this day his debut album "7 Layers" is the best-selling Dutch album of all time. This is not a surprise when you listen. His special voice gives us something unique. His songs dare to look inward, they are intimate and private, and it is from this that they draw the strength that we need these days.


In 2019 he opened the next chapter of his career with comeback single “Numb”, which has now gone Gold in numerous countries and becomes his biggest international success to date reaching #1 airplay in Italy and Poland, #2 in Russia, #3 in Switzerland, Top 40 in Mexico and the list goes on.  Follow up singles such as 2020’s "There Will Be A Way” continued the new music journey and built on the success. The invitation to play at the Vatican's Christmas concert rounded off the year perfectly for him.

7 years after his debut album, the successor is finally out. "I've been writing this album for a long time and I'm overjoyed to finally be able to share it with people," explains Dotan. “It still feels very crazy and unreal to let something so personal into the world. Music has always been a very important outlet for me and especially in the last few years I have noticed how much music helps me again and again in all situations. "


The album begins with a magical moment, like the first rays of the morning sunshine. Dotan's acoustic guitar begins softly accompanied by luscious vocals, before we get to a key message - "No words, Silence, I just let the music speak," he sings. And with that we have arrived in the soulful world of Dotan.


“Mercy”, the current single for the album, is less about the grace that you ask for, and more about humility. "The biggest and most important lesson for me recently was the realization that it is important to look at yourself and see your mistakes as an opportunity. Sometimes you just have to let the past rest and look ahead, because there is no other way. That's what Mercy is about, "explains Dotan." It's a song that celebrates the dark days but also how we can grow from them. It's a song that celebrates arriving on the other side. "


The title song “Satellites” confronts Dotan with the doubt: How did the love break? Which turn was the wrong one? Dotan comes to an honest realization: “All we are is satellites, we’re passing through the dead of night”.

Then the quiet piano tones of the aforementioned hit "Numb" can be heard. With the feeling of numbness and with the willingness to get involved with this negative feeling, comes the strength: "Now I’m fighting with my hands up, feel the bullets from your head rush".

With “Mexico” Dotan strikes an intimate, delicate note, telling of a romantic encounter in this country that gave him the feeling that he was ready for love again. With “Bleeding” he is committed to a relationship, even if it does not lead to happiness. With “Letting Go” he has reached the other side, the other side beyond the lies and insincerity that got in his way. With “Used To Know” there is a serenity that makes it possible to take a distant look back at the difficult time.


On "There Will Be A Way" Dotan sings about the demons that haunt his mind, about the night he is trapped, about the thin skin that makes him fragile and vulnerable. His elegant, sensitive voice makes these fears tangible for us. “I Will Follow” heralds the end of the album leading beautifully into the album closer “With You” which is a look into the future, and about the hope that love is possible.

This is how the big pop album comes to an end. Against the cold, the negative emotions, the loneliness, the album is about finding your own voice again, feeling your own strength - and recognizing the way out of misery. Many singers try to achieve such a depth, but very few achieve what Dotan has delivered in this album.

“The last year has been very unique for all of us, and the fact that my music has traveled so far, especially at a time when people couldn't do it themselves, is overwhelming. This album shows many facets of me and was recorded and produced in various places around the world. Musically as well as lyrically, I have broken new ground.”

The next chapter is well and truly underway.