Monday, December 13 2021


Promoter: La Boule Noire & Kidderminster Records

10.00 €


Alex Van Pelt writes songs for ghosts and broken hearts. 
French multi-instrumentalist Alex started making music fifteen years ago when he was still a teenager, in bands such as Coming Soon, Mont Analogue, or as a guitarist for Sierra Manhattan, Norma, François Virot and Adam Green. But today he grows up and shows what he’s made of as a solo artist. 
After his debut album Tum Tum (2019), in which he stated the basis of a rich and sensitive musical vocabulary made of DIY synth and post-romantic songs, he cultivates and confirms his originality with his new opus, Global Crush (out in November 2021). Words reverberates with sounds, and structures assumes ever shifting shapes : passed Global Crush’s melodic immediacy, one soon perceives a will to disrupt the conventional ground rules of pop music.
Like in a Kitano or Wong Kar Wai movie scene, Alex’s songs mix melancholy and humor. He has put together the intimate patchwork of Global Crush in a landscape painter fashion, and the result somehow works as a map to the artist's interests and influences  (to name a few : the Everly Brothers’ breakup songs, Supertramp’s melodies, Daniel Clowes comics and video games ost such as Final Fantasy and the Sims).