Monday, January 31 2022

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The «sensitive power».
These two words are enough to artistically describe the one who chose the animal of resilence as her totem.

She sings before walking, and follows a solid lyric vocal training, then jazz and pop music.
After three years in her first band «Icebergs» with whom she released an album, she met James Mac Gaw, guitarist of the band «Magma». “Padawan” from James, her mentor, who reveals to her that she can be an author and composer of her inner world. A first EP under the name of Tardigraada, «Queendom», directed by James, released in June 2020 on all platforms.
She has things to say and decides to pay for a work of art to express them. Apart from the standards of the music industry and the boxes in which she never fully fits, this first album is one of rebirth.

After painful ordeals and the loss of James, Tardigraada decides to venture into an opus in his image, both creative and liberating, far from ice and lava. She is reborn in a universe that is more favorable to her and takes to the road like a tardigrade in search of the holy grail. This new album is therefore one of freedom, the maturity of a style and marks the beginning of a promising adventure which she called «Back from Ice & fire».

Tardigraada is the search for the fairest, purest emotion, artistic expression at its peak, to tell ever more true, more embodied, to vibrate, to sublimate, to go beyond, these stories of passion and emptiness, of love and hate, life and death, spring and winter, shadow and light. Duality is one of the common threads of her music, contrast, which she seeks above all, to express the complexity of life and of the senses, ying and yang, on the stage.

The power and the sensitivity of women, the woman, Tardigraada, supersensitive, and «super-powerful», the recipe according to her of her own resilience.

A warrior-diva, glamorous and pacifist, who defends, and struggles to say, a cry that passes above the overwhelming crowd, just like the first name of the one behind Tardigraada which means «the one who becomes strong at war» .

Today she is releasing her first album, with her team, a musical family of blood and soul.
The album, in the genre «soul / rock / lyrical», is to be released in spring 2022, with the first clip of one of his songs re-arranged, in unexpected genre, released in April, and two other ambitious and original videos out in October, to make us wait ...