Wednesday, May 25 2022


Promoter: La Boule Noire & The Talent Boutique


At only 25 years old, Tobias Dray already has a decade in the music industry under his belt. A well-polished producer turned recording artist, the French musician is an agitator of what the indie-electronic genre typically entails. Having lived in Paris, London, Toronto, and soon heading to New York, Dray’s music has a depth that could only be crafted by someone prone to open-minded experimentation across the globe.  

Dray recognizes the role of a musician as a savvy marketer of their own brand and has built an online army of supporters, from millions of followers on TikTok, to his Spotify listenership that is quickly closing in on 1 million people monthly. His music has received early nods from Spotify, winning him coveted positions on the covers of the Lorem and Fresh Finds playlists. His most streamed track to date “HMU” has garnered close to 7 million streams on Spotify alone.