Sunday, April 16 2023

Winston Surfshirt

Promoter: SUPER!

Doors open: 7:30PM

17.96 €


Sydney six-piece collective Winston Surfshirt have spent the last six years establishing themselves as one of Australia's and the world's best indie-R&B bands. They've built a dedicated fan base through two dreamy, nonchalant albums and a handful of unforgettable collaborations, and have become an unpretentious cult band. Led by the eponymous Winston Surfshirt, the band embodies a form of celebrity rock from another time, driven less by ego than by candour, earnestness and a willingness to share their music with the world. Combining a classic West Coast hip-hop sound with psych-pop snap and sunny, uniquely Australian charm, the band is a testament to the power of free spirit and casual virtuosity.