Saturday, January 28 2023

Nouveau Souvenir Records Release Party : AMAZONS ON PONIES + MIDSCALE

Promoter: La Boule Noire et Nouveau Souvenir Records

11.20 €


The Distortion Insolente compilation, produced by Nouveau Souvenir Records, mainly highlights bands that are part of the continuity of the shoegaze movement.

This record was not never intended to be your expected shoegaze compilation, but a selection of bands that embody this heritage, modernizing it with their own styles, references, creative approach and live performances.

Their shoegazer influences and/or attitudes are there! They contribute to their own sound identity. On this record, you’ll find bands that define themselves as post-punk, punk, garage, coldwave, psychedelic rock, experimental, pop, dream-pop, grunge, noise, post-hardcore... all driven by the very essence of shoegazing : the decibels and the pedals passion.

Nouveau Souvenir Records label refuses locking itself into a single musical genre but rather aims to expose people to the diverse spectrum of contemporary shoegazing.

Midscale : 

After a first EP assuming the influence of mythical bands like Slowdive or more recently DIIV, Midscale continues its journey by taking a less obvious path.

On the menu of the single "Dean" (released on 01/10/2022), dissonances and noise intentions that dialogue with the nostalgic harmonies inherited from the shoegaze. An intense music that the quartet transforms live into a raw and melodic energy.

Amazons On Ponies :

Half punk/garage band, half stuntmen, AOP fine tune their style with a messy/noisy rock opera. They spill destructive music with poetic lyrics in a wall of sound and light spectacle. Their last effort, Dieter Müsli, gives a foretaste of a raw and gritty live energy.