Monday, March 13 2023


Promoter: Printival

Doors open: 7:30PM

Start at: 8pm

18.50 €



Bancal Chéri : 


Could the new Bancal Chéri album be about football?

Hmm, maybe... But no. Fluxus, Lettrism, Dadaism, that's much more plausible. The supergroup Bancal Chéri renounces labels for this new onomatopoeic album, which imitates the cry of the drums for eleven exquisite corpse-like songs. The four-headed band is made up of strong personalities who fit together in harmony. Dimoné, a folk singer, has been pacing Les Faunes noctambules in concert halls since the 1990s. Mathias Imbert, a solo bassist for 15 years, acclaimed for his Imbert Imbert project and his sound differences. Nicolas Jules, a romantic singer with a Peter Pan syndrome, who has taken to the stage in theatres as well as in prestigious opening acts for Higelin, Nougaro and Dominique A. And then there is Roland Bourbon, the Swiss Army knife of live performance creation. Percussionist, composer, artistic director of his rock opera, an odyssey from 2001.