Monday, March 20 2023


Promoter: Line 85

Doors open: 7:30PM

17.34 €


Get back to basics. To purify. To find oneself and reveal the accuracy of emotions. For their second album, scheduled for release on 10 February 2023, these guidelines sound like a leitmotif for the duo OMOH, composed of producers/musicians Baptiste Homo and Clément Agapitos. Resolutely pop and born from a soothed urgency, All About Passion is defined as a collection of eleven slices of life and is approached as a series of sequence shots bending in the tunnel of a suave melancholy with new wave flavours. "We like to think that the best time to listen to this album is when you've just come back from a party, you're all alone and you've just missed the last tube. So you're walking along, - slowly drunk -, and you're peacefully replaying in your head the encounters, the flirtations and the interactions you've just shared. You are alone, happy. Everything is fine," Baptiste and Clément reveal. The night sky of their happy solitude is studded with references ranging from Talking Heads, Metronomy, Baxter Dury to The Cure, Joy Division, Vox Low and Sleaford Mods.