Friday, March 24 2023


Promoter: GiantSteps

Doors open: 7:30PM

22.34 €


Festen is a Parisian alternative jazz band that has been around for 10 years now. 

Passionate about film music, the four musicians have developed their own language over the years: a minimalist music carried by a high energy inspired by 90's rock. 

The band has five albums to its credit, all of which have the theme of cinema. After the success of their "Inside Stanley Kubrick" released in 2018, Festen presents "Replicant" inspired by the synthetic and dark universe of Blade Runner. Replicant, Festen's new album, a musical spin-off of Ridley Scott's film Blade Runner, opens with the monologue of Roy Batty, a charismatic and tortured character. He recounts his long journey and his quest for truth, his journey along Orion's shoulder to the door of Tannhäuser. A hard-hitting odyssey which, as the songs progress, transports the listener into a decadent instrumental universe which questions humanity.