Tuesday, May 2 2023

Jaïa Rose

Promoter: La Boule Noire et Furax.

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One foot in the sweetness of R&B and the other in rap's fierceness. This is the clever mix on which the project of Jaïa Rose, the rising star of the French scene, is based. Jaïa Rose's initial interest in dance, which she has practised since she was a child, turned to singing at the age of 19, when she left her native South-West to join the International Academy of Dance in Paris. Thrilled, she began to write, finding in this form of expression a catharsis. Alone in Paris, she gave life to lyrics that sounded like poetic confessions, and in 2020 her first EP, 1000 MG, was born. Only two years after the release, Jaïa Rose writes a new chapter in her story with JOUR J, her second EP. "JOUR J reflects this idea of being an ambitious woman," says Jaïa Rose. I've learned to take more control in my music, to assert my desires loud and clear. This new project is about that.