2024-10-24 19:30:00


La Boule Noire & Super!




With “Factory Reset,” Sadandsolo returns to his “factory” settings, to the essence of what makes his rap unique.

EP after EP, Sadandsolo’s music continues to unfold. Initially fascinated by Lil Wayne, Sadandsolo’s artistic eclecticism has led him to experiment with R’n’B, Afrobeats, dancehall… to the point of producing more soulful sounds, in the vein of groups such as The Temptations or Thee Sacred Souls.

Sadandsolo laid his own foundations between Benin and Mali, where he grew up and began rapping and finding his feet on FL Studio. He then consolidated them on the trains that took him across France to the rhythm of hip-hop battles, after his family left Bamako for the Hexagone following the 2012 coup d’état. On stage: ultra-looked, “shades on” and gloved hand, Sadandsolo makes every concert a spectacular moment, full of mastery.

Passionate about every aspect of his art: from production to singing, dancing and the more technical aspects of mixing, Sadandsolo likes to be involved in everything. If he likes to be at the center, he also knows how to surround himself very well. This EP features Kay the Prodigy (11 rappers to follow 2024), Baby Neelou and also KCIV and Har2nok, who helped him finalize the tracks.