Sasha Keable

2024-09-24 19:30:00

Sasha Keable




“In a world where it’s safer to remain inscrutable or to be optimistic, Sasha Keable’s commitment to truth is invigorating. Outspoken and emotional, like all great soul singers, the South London star pours the pain and joy of her life into her shows, connecting with listeners in a way that is both brave and naturally empathetic. Sasha Keable demonstrates both talent and artistic authenticity.
Following the Intermission album, Keable released ‘Hold Up’, her first single in three years, which was met with overwhelming adoration and enthusiasm. It racked up millions of streams and a host of global co-signings. Sasha Keable subsequently released a featuring with American R&B sensation Destin Conrad: the single ‘Auction’ is a free, intimate and uninhibited depiction of the heat of queer attraction. Lyrically, Destin and Sasha, while honest in their desire, also express the vulnerability of pursuing that desire and the power held by their lovers.”