2024-09-23 19:30:00


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Echoing the sentiments of one of their most beloved songs, “Kia Mau Ki Tō Ūkaipō / Don’t Forget Your Roots”, SIX60 will be performing an intimate concert at La Boule Noire on September 23, 2024 for “SIX60 Sessions – The Grassroots Tour”.

It’s a return to their roots for the New Zealanders. “SIX60 Sessions – The Grassroots Tour” is a celebration of the very essence of their music and the unbreakable bond forged with their audience. Transforming each stage into a space that mirrors a recording studio, the band will invite the audience into their creative space. The show will take fans on a journey: both into a corner of the studio with the members, and into an intimate concert experience with tracks usually experienced in a stadium. With just one date per city, each performance promises to be unique and exclusive. With their energetic stage performances and infectious passion, SIX60 are establishing themselves as a true creative force on the international music scene. They will record these moments to unveil a “Best Of Grassroots Tour” later this year, offering fans a unique and material piece of New Zealand music history, on the borders of pop, rock, soul and reggae, reflecting a skilful blend of diverse influences and a unique artistic identity.