Spill Gold w/ LE PRINCE HARRY Double release party

2024-06-15 19:30:00
SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 2024 - 7:30 PM

Spill Gold w/ LE PRINCE HARRY Double release party

Persona Grata




With a collection of old analog synths and percussion, synth-pop duo Spill Gold, aka Rosa Ronsdorf and Nina de Jong, create a dark krautrock, blending hypnotic groove and electronic pulses, somewhere between Can, Brian Eno or Laurie Anderson.
Their danceable universe turns into a polyphonic explosion of rhythms, synthesizers, vocals and bass lines. Between stage and dance floor, day and night, dream and sleep, trance and trip, Spill Gold is an experiment in energy.
> “Zaza” – out May 14, 2024

Prince Harry are a strange synth punk / electro punk duo from Belgium, famous for their energetic performances mixing electronic rhythms, catchy synth riffs and punk attitude. They’ve played hundreds of concerts across Europe, toured Canada and Reunion Island, and are at home on big stages (Dour festival, Le Cabaret Vert, La Villette…) as well as in small clubs. They’ve shared the bill with names like The Horrorist, The Spits, The Exploited, DAF, The Kids…

They have released 3 LPs and 7 EPS and split records (w/ Frustration, Duchess says, The Guilt, Duflan Duflan…) on TEENAGE MENOPAUSE, ROCKERILL RECORDS, JAUNE ORANGE, leaving all artworks to long-time friend and collaborator Elzo Durt.

A new 9-track album will be released on TEENAGE MENOPAUSE RECORDS in May 2024.