2024-01-15 18:30:00
MONDAY 15TH JANUARY 2024 - 6:30 PM


La Boule Noire & Illogique



Sticky World is a self-taught pop duo with multiple influences ranging from electronica (drum & bass, acid, 2step) to indie rock, via internet music culture and the heritage of boyband formations. The band’s songs oscillate constantly between the search for experimental sounds and the simplicity of English-language pop songs. Virtual encounters, inter-species alchemy and the vertigo of love are among Sticky World’s favorite themes. Their first release (Bits and Branches) came out at the end of December on Armand Bultheel’s new label Illogique Musique, in co-production with Fortune Collective.

Bits and Branches is a pop diptych built around the idea of a tragic love between two characters. Flesh and bone, or essentialized as avatars, they evolve in both real and virtual worlds. Their relationship maintains the blur between love and friendship, and conveys the idea of complicity in boredom. Living in a housing estate, surrounded by “blobjects” whose use has been lost, it’s their regular rendezvous on metaverse that enlivens their daily lives. The thrill of connection, online chat and virtual portals are all ways of escaping their existence. The combination of Arnaud Mirman’s 3D work and Julia Tarissan’s universe, which oscillates between humor and apocalypse, has made it possible to materialize the complex and dizzying relationship of these two lovers.

To celebrate the release of Bits and Branches, Sticky World will be performing at the Boule Noire.This will be an opportunity for the band to invite musicians from their scene, with whom they are close friends, to play: Emma Watt and Michele Bry.

Before the concerts, there will be a screening of the short film Bits and Branches, a story based on Sticky World’s Are you a tree? and Blobject, directed by Arnaud Mirman and Julia Tarissan.


Support : Emma Watt (dj set) + Michèle Bry