2023-12-11 19:30:00
Monday 11th December 2023 - 7:30pm





Terrier is an adult consumed by his childhood dreams, still going through his own awkward adolescent pains, moving from naive to concerned to utopian emotions. His main inspiration is the music he grew up with, Anglo-Saxon rock and American pop. His words, in French, are therefore an ongoing experiment for him. He creates his own vocabulary, his own path, which he leaves open to anyone who feels touched by it.
A child of the 90s, he grew up on the Atlantic coast in Vendée. Inspired by his new life in Paris, he writes melancholy songs, a nod to the region and the era that taught him so many things. The result is a husky voice that oscillates between brutalitý and gentleness. A laid-back voice, and sometimes expelled from a nonchalant body, of someone who doesn’t know the difference between playing in his living room or singing in front of a crowd. The lyrics are plastered like slogans and posters on walls of many colours, from punk to pop to hip hop. The result is a world of contrasting sounds and visuals, blowing a wind of defiance over French chanson. But in the end, it’s not. He doesn’t pretend to belong to a scene he doesn’t know. He prefers to create his own path, which he defines every day as “what I like to do”.


Support : Geagea

Geagea, real name Géraldine Baux, is an artist, songwriter and producer born in Toulouse. She has drawn on her love of 90s alternative rock and her work as a producer with other artists to create her own instantly recognizable sound. Somewhere between Grimes and Garbage, she’ll deliver her hybrid pop, accompanied by her guitar and powerful, tangy voice.