The Kitsch + Karl Meyer

2024-03-19 20:00:00
TUESDAY 19TH MARCH 2024 - 7:30PM

The Kitsch + Karl Meyer

New Scene Production.




The Kitsch is the Parisian 5-piece band that’s bringing French Indie Pop to the Metallers.
Formed in 2021, this eclectically-influenced band stands out for its funky, melancholy guitar riffs, soaring, catchy synths, groovy rhythms and lyrics that immerse you in their singular misadventures.
On stage, from their attitude to their style, everything is meticulous.The singer’s unbridled enthusiasm is unanimously appreciated, making their concerts truly UNIQUE.
In short, these 5 musicians play with old codes and constantly reinvent themselves to bring you rich, modern music.

Originally from Denmark and Sweden, 23-year-old Karl Meyer writes timeless indie-pop with an old-school touch. After taking up residence in Paris, Meyer developed a strong bond with the city, not least through his work with Parisian label Kitsuné Musique. In October, he released his second album, “Far From Home”. It’s a multi-faceted coming-of-age story, revolving around moving to another country, breaking up with one’s partner, meeting new people and rediscovering oneself. All the music is written and produced by Meyer himself in small 9-square-meter apartments in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. Meyer’s live shows are performed by an energetic quintet, specially flown in from Copenhagen. They’re ready to fill the room with captivating indie-pop melodies.