2023-11-17 19:30:00
Friday 17th November 2023 - 7:30pm


UNI-T | Première partie : Birrd

Entering VAPA’s musical universe is not necessarily a formality. Beneath its deceptively simple exterior, each of its compositions cultivates a fine, precise sense of detail, an art of building a development from an ethereal, evanescent minimalism.

You have to be able to let yourself go in these synthetic meanders that owe as much to the most mental techno, the most organic deep house and the most elegant electronica. Immersive and all-encompassing.

French artist David Raimbaud doesn’t ask you to choose between your head and your legs. His sounds call for a communion of body and mind, muscles and poetry. VAPA is Rambo and Rimbaud in the same nightclub.