2024-10-25 19:30:00
FRIDAY 25 OCTOBER 2024 - 7.30PM


Clear Waters Productions



Young artist, 18 years old, who grew up in music, playing the piano and singing in musicals. As a child, he listened to artists such as Michael Jackson, Elton John and the Beatles. This musical baggage now enables him to break free from a given musical genre, inventing his own style. William began posting his first music on platforms in April 2023 with his FIRENZE EP, featuring the hit track Westwood. He followed this up with his debut album Nostalgie Club, which he has now surpassed with his latest album Salon de Thé, released in January 2024. Building on his emerging career, he was lucky enough to appear on Spri noir’s Planet Rap to perform the track ‘Brûler la ville’.